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This Jimmy Calabaza’s  Campbellite pendant is set in sterling silver and has a vein of gold within the strata of this stone. Calabaza cuts and polishes the raw stones so as to enhance the strata of the stones and to bring the natural beauty to each piece. The Campbellite is raised slightly above the bezel setting. The pendant weight is slightly over 6 ounces. Calabaza always marks his pieces with his native American signature  Ca’Win and his embellishments. This is an extremely striking piece. The Jimmy Calabaza silver bead necklace can be strung through this amazing pendant.


Jimmy Calabaza is from the Santo Domingo Pueblo which is just south of Santa Fe, N.M.  He is self-taught and has become known for his exceptional inlay and heishi work. His works are in the Smithsonian National Gallery in Washington D.C., the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, and Museum of Indian Culture in Santa Fe. He is internationally known for his presentation of the Santo Domingo style and  talent.

Campbellite is a copper-based gem from the Campbell mine in Arizona. Material from the oxidized zone in Bisbee, Arizona, is a mixture of various copper and gangue* minerals.

* the rock or vein matter in which valuable metals or minerals occur




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